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    Strategic healthcare insights and practical experience to accelerate the journey from patentable ideas to successful products




    "What's the use of running if you are not on the right road."



  • What We Do

    We focus in healthcare.

    That is : medical devices, pharmaceuticals, vaccines , nutriceuticals and related medical technologies.


    We are based in Singapore and operate in the Asia Pacific region.

    We provide strategic advice, commercial analysis and support to help you make good and timely decisions. 

    We operate across the product life cycle from patentable idea to successful product.

    We provide marketing and commercial expertise for projects that you do not have the resources to complete in house.

    We upskill your team through stand alone training or with mentorship during a project.

    We  represent your business or link you to key partners to help your business grow.


    Our solution is  flexible to suit your particular situation.

    We're here to help your business be successful.

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    Market access,  launch planning 

    If you are developing a new product, Biopharmax can help fine tune your forecasts, refine your target product profile and your market entry strategy including competitor analysis, pricing , launch metric development and tracking


    "Market access is a critical hurdle. Our final plan went well beyond the economic justification of the value and considered all the stakeholders."


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    Life cycle management

    For launched brands, we can accelerate sales, assess new country launch potential , or reinvigorate underperforming brands.  We can help with end of life cycle strategy development and implementation.


    " A creative new approach that we had not considered previously unlocked extra sales "


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    Staff development and training 

    We can help train individuals or teams in market access, forecasting, marketing plan development , metric setting so that your organisation continues to build in house commercial expertise.

    " I really appreciated the insights I gained as this project developed. It will definitely help me to do my job better in the future"


  • Why Biopharmax ?

    With extensive experience from across the globe in developing and launching successful medicines and devices, we can provide innovative and cost effective solutions and insightful strategic advice .


    We work in health because people matter and we want to help to bring innovative healthcare solutions to market as quickly as possible.


    We care as much as you do about the success of your business, and love the science behind products that make a real difference to peoples health. However we bring experience in market access and commercial considerations to make your project a success.


    We want your people to learn and grow so we are happy to integrate staff training and development into a project to build the skills of your team.


    Having worked with small start ups, government organisations  and universities right through to large multi national organisations, we are open to projects large and small .


  • Contact Us

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    2 College Road


    Singapore 169850


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    + 65 9699 2131